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Little detectives 3 - 4 years

Little Detectives

(3-4 years)

Here our children are aged 3-4 years where they are encouraged to develop into independent learners who are keen and ready for school. The room layout ensures we support the children’s individual learning needs and interests and we provide opportunities for children to revisit activities to consolidate their learning.

Mini detectives 2 - 3 years

Little Explorers

(2 to 3 Years)

Our Little Explorers room is tailored to ages 2-3 years. Here we focus on developing children’s expression, language and comprehension skills and allow children to explore and play at their own pace. Creativity and imagination are nurtured through daily play activities.  

Picture of a little boy surrounded by posters about animals.
Picture of farm yard toys in mud.
Mini explorers 18 - 24 months

Mini Explorers

 (18 - 24 months)

Our Mini Explorers room is fully equipped to accommodate the youngest children in pre-school. It is warm and comforting and includes a dedicated sleep area. When it comes to play, our Mini Explorers develop their core communication skills, whilst exploring the fascinating world around them.

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